Monday, December 4, 2017

"AHA Gala" by Devika Narayan

“We raised a RECORD-BREAKING 1.5 million dollars this year!!!” Hearing this statement, made my heart fill with joy, knowing that I had been a part of the incredible feat. Last weekend I was lucky enough to volunteer as well as appear at the annual American Heart Association Gala at the Minneapolis Convention Center. The red-carpet event is held annually to help raise funds for the AHA to help patients directly.


Today over 610,000 individuals are affected yearly by heart disease in the US alone. Affecting individuals of all ages and abilities, the heart disease plagues the lives of many. Being a part of the event and knowing I was helping this cause made me happy to represent not only the International Organization, but also the fact that I could connect with donors and supporters and hear their “why”, or their passion or inspiration for attending and supporting the AHA.


Hearing the “why” from people was a really moving experience. To hear about family members affected, and how other family members can only watch and contribute to events such as the Gala really made me appreciate the efforts of organizations like the AHA and their mission to help patients with the resources they really need.


One of my very fun roles of the evening was to be a part of the Tiffany booth, one of the main auction booths. There, I was not only able to help donors understand the purpose and goal of the Tiffany booth, but was also able to meet and speak with them personally, talking about my platform with my title, and my commitment with the AHA. As a queen, you always get to talk about all the fun events and organizations you work with, but that evening it felt really great to tell people about how I really am committed to these individuals and the efforts of the organization.


Overall, it was an unforgettable experience that I will cherish. Being able to connect and use my title the way that I am able to is something I will always be grateful for.

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