Wednesday, August 23, 2017

"My Plans for the year " by Devika Narayan

It’s been some time now and I’ve done a lot of thinking. Being crowned with a title such as Miss

Teen Minnesota International involves so much more than simply wearing a crown, wearing a

banner, and looking pretty. There are obviously parts to the title that involve all the glamour and

fun you see on TV, but I myself have decided to commit myself this year to this title, and the

countless opportunities that it brings with it.

There are plenty of issues within our society that I think need more attention, but my mission this

year will be to not only promote my platform as well as the AHA, but get my own generation

more actively involved within the community. For me, teaching and advocating, using my voice

and title to inspire others, will be something I strive heavily for. Using the Alzheimer’s

Association, I will help with the search for a cure, by educating and promoting prevention. Using

the AHA, specifically Go Red for Women, I will advocate for heart healthy lives and teach about

the importance of prevention beforehand. By being an active member within my community, I

hope to lead by example and teach my own generation that making an impact on the community

is possible, through involvement and service.