Tuesday, July 25, 2017

"And your new Miss Teen Minnesota International is.....DEVIKA NARAYAN!!

“And your new Miss Teen Minnesota International is…... DEVIKA NARAYAN!!” It was in my

crowning moment that I knew that a lot of the sayings I had heard growing up really could be

true. Hard work and commitment really did produce results. I still remember my face, full of

excitement as I looked out for my parents in the crowd, realizing it was just as much of a shock

to them as it was to me. Being my first pageant, I really wasn’t expecting to claim the title on the

first try, but the odds seemed to work in my favor this time. Being selected as one of the 11

amazing young women on that stage to represent Minnesota not only for the International

pageant, but also for the year gave me a sense of pride and joy all at the same time. I think that

the crowning moment in itself is one I wish I could replay every moment. It’s one of those rare

moments in life that feel like they last a lifetime but in reality, are only a few seconds. To sum it

up, it was a moment of pure joy and happiness that are inexplicably matched to anything else

I’ve ever done and for that I am very grateful.

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