Tuesday, May 9, 2017

"Mrs. Minnesota International 2017 - Me in a nutshell…."

Hi! I’m Stephanie, and I cannot believe I’m introducing myself as your 2017 Mrs. Minnesota International! I wear many hats in life and am proud to be a wife, mom of four, radio/TV host, certified life coach, lead minister and board chair at Ministry of Reconciliation, and a voice for our unique neuro-diverse Autism Community! 


Like most Minnesotans (when the weather permits) I love the outdoors, held the Minnesota state title for Tae Kwon Do in my age bracket from 1997 - 2001, and love taking bike rides and walks with my kids.


  For the past 17 years, it has been my honor to be actively involved in raising awareness for the autism community in our state. My goal is to help transition individuals with autism into our community so we can ALL benefit! Shorty after my son Benjamin was diagnosed at the age of 2 ½ years old, I co-founded and launched one of the first center based therapy centers for children with autism in the state of Minnesota. Me and many other brave parents advocated to legislate IEBT (Intensive Early Behavioral Intervention) in Minnesota to get kids the help, therapies and support they needed.
The path to my television and radio work began when I was in high school and became the first editor of my school newspaper. I thought that being a reporter would be a way to “inform” the world of what was happening. So, off to college I went to pursue a degree in Mass Communications Broadcasting, and also Political Science. After I earned my degrees, I began my work in television news.
My career took off and I thought I was on my way “up.” I originally got into television because I felt a calling to "be a voice" to those who had none. I thought TV news was the answer, but after being in the industry for a few years and having my first son, I realized that telling people all that was going on in the world was being a "voice”—but not a "force”—for change.
After much soul searching and prayer, I decided to leave my television career and openly trust God that that dream would find its way back around. And, it did! Shortly after making that decision and stepping out in faith, I was offered the opportunity to have my own drive time radio talk show where I wasn't just "reporting" but rather discussing and finding with others solutions to the issues that challenge people in life.

That brings me to this season in life now as Mrs. Minnesota International. Here I am, my family and I as a voice for the 1 in 68 families being affected by autism. I am beyond honored and grateful to represent my home state of Minnesota and carry forward excellence and grace in this new title role! Thank you for the opportunity!



Stephanie Kay Welter​

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