Friday, May 5, 2017

"Meet Miss Pre-Teen Minnesota 2017" Rebeka Mihalik

Hi everyone! First off, I want to say, I am SO excited for the upcoming year! This is going to be such a fantastic experience…

The pageant was so fun! I LOVED the interviews, they were definitely my favorite part. The judges were so kind and funny! I also really enjoyed my onstage interview, it was great to show my passion for my platform while everyone was watching.   Speaking of my platform…stay tuned for my next posting when I will tell you more about!


Now it is time to get to know me.  I’m an actress. Not one of those “drama queens”, but a stage actress.  I’ve also done a short film! Plus, I am a huge singer.  I love telling stories through music. My biggest singing performance was at the state fair! I sang on the grandstand in front of more than 10,000 people! Some of my favorite genres are Christian contemporary and some pop!


I really enjoy water sports.  I live on lake so I didn’t really have a choice! But I really do enjoy knee boarding, tubing, swimming, and wake boarding! I think one of the reasons I really enjoy the lake is because of friends. In the summer we have someone over almost every weekend!


I am looking forward to going to schools and school boards and talking about my platform! I think it’s amazing the difference one person can make and I’m looking forward to doing that… I think it’s very important to be a leader.  It’s important to set an example for others on how to act when someone is just a little bit different from the rest of us! I’m also really excited to represent Minnesota.


Thank you to everyone who supported me: my sponsors, my friends and my family.   I promise I will make you proud.

Miss Pre-Teen Minnesota 2017
Rebeka Mihalik

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