Monday, March 13, 2017

"What to Wear for Mrs. Minnesota!" by Morgan Bredde

I can't believe I'm starting to write my blogs about pageant prep! We are officially entering the home stretch, and I cannot wait to see who takes home the crown.

 Getting ready for the pageant is definitely a lot of fun, but it's equally as stressful! Having these blogs as a resource I hope provides a little bit of relief! Remember, dressing the part is the first step!


Let's start with the first event. No, not check in—but the pre-pageant party! I stalked so many former titleholders because I simply couldn't figure out what to wear to an event like this. Luckily, I had Cheri Kennedy as my guide and we decided on an off the shoulder Cynthia Rowley dress. Her exact words were that I looked like a princess. If you know Cheri, you know that she's known as the Fairy Godmother of pageantry, so naturally, when she says you look like a princess- you go with it. I paired my dress with a gorgeous pair of open toed pumps that had a beaded chandelier-like embellishment on the heel. To this day they're one of my favorite shoes to wear. My husband of course matched me, per my request. Even down to his rhinestone shoes!

For pageant check-in, I wanted to make sure I arrived looking ready for the job. I wore a neon melon neoprene Ted Baker dress. The color bounced off of my skin and made me glow. Making sure I was appearing as confident as I wanted to feel in turn gave me more confidence.

For rehearsals (and don't feel like you need to do this, I'm just a LITTLE over the top), I changed into a bell sleeve crop top and a pleated crepe short. Paired with a floral pump, I was casual enough to move around, yet still ready for the many photos that Paula and Laura were taking! They are everywhere, so keep that in mind.

Interview was a risky choice. I opted for a dress rather than a suit, and because of my rapid weight loss, I bought my dress the night before. I wore a blood red Maggy London with simple taupe patent leather pumps. I wanted my judges to know that while I was the younger, I was strong! Red makes me feel powerful and confident and I made sure to choose my accessories accordingly.


For my onstage question, I again picked a Ted Baker dress. You really can't go wrong with his stuff! I had a very light mint dress with crystal embellishments delicately gracing my collarbones down to my shoulders. Again, feeling risky, this had a back cut out that allowed a rather straight dress to give me some “figure” back.

Fitness wear is easy as everyone is required to get the official International Pageants fitness wear from The Competitive Image! Should you win, you will wear the same thing at international finals in August. Remember your shoes must be white! No exceptions.

Lastly, gown was my favorite. If you haven't already visited Sarah Moses at The Pageant Shop, STOP reading this and give her a call. She truly dresses each individual with the crown in mind. I'm so lucky to have her as a friend and sponsor! A few months prior to the pageant, we had selected a beautiful green jersey knit gown with a peplum. It was fresh, a little edgy, and most importantly—forgiving. At the time, I was still a size 8/10 and wanted to have a dress that didn't make me feel uncomfortable. This gave me modesty and still looked beautiful. About 3 weeks before the pageant, we realized as my gown was falling off my body, that I would need a new one. There was no way alterations would be able to fix this. So hurriedly we returned to Sarah's and found one of the most beautiful gowns I have ever worn (until internationals of course!. We picked an amazing white Jovani gown with no embellishments, but a train that was out of this world. I got emotional trying it on for a couple reasons. 1) it fit! It was a size 6! I hadn't been that small since freshman year of high school! And 2) my husband had never seen me in a white gown. Not even on our wedding day. This felt as big as a wedding to me. Paired with the most amazing Stefanie Somers earrings, I was ready to add one last set of accessories—a crown and banner!

While it's the girl in the clothes and not the clothes on the girl—remember that Mrs. Minnesota is a JOB! Dress as if you're already the titleholder.


I can't wait to see how confident and beautiful you all look in just a few weeks!


Making the minutes count,



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