Tuesday, August 30, 2016

" 1 year, 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days" by Kelly Brown

 1 year, 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days. That is the time I was so generously granted to make a mark with my platform with the International pageant by my side. If one was to ask me before I was crowned  what I plan to do with my platform throughout the year, my response would be: “To live, breath, and promote it”. Now that time has passed, I am more able to not only tell you more specifically what I plan to do, but what I HAVE done. 

Throughout my year as your Miss Teen Minnesota International, I aspire to raise awareness for people with intellectual disabilities and developmental delays because they have NO boundaries and therefore needs to be shared. I will continue sharing my brothers’ story in hopes that someday people will understand that disability does not mean inability! My goal will continue to be protecting the rights of those with disabilities and supporting their inclusion and participation in our community. 

I have and will continue to dedicate my time and effort to organizations such as The Arc, Project Explore, Summer Olympics, and others aiming to support people and their families. I have events approaching in the fall with Project Explore that includes hanging out with these individuals! I have volunteered at the Summer Olympics which included meeting many amazing people and having fun, taking pictures, and directing people around. Many more times like this are to come for the remainder of my reign.

Miss Teen Minnesota 2016
Kelly Brown

Friday, August 26, 2016

"Prelude to…Oh no!" by Morgan Bredde


As a Go Red for Women ambassador, we are committed to raising awareness and funds throughout the year. I am extremely passionate about events and coordinating my love of celebrating with my unwavering need to educate women on ways to prevent heart disease. One of my favorite appearances thus far was the Prelude to Polo dinner at renowned celebrity artist, Anthony Whelihan’s home.


Sabrina, Kelly and myself decided to attend together and I’m so glad we did. With nationals coming around the corner, it was so nice to check in and reconnect with them both as we had been so busy with preparations. Our duties ranged from greeter, to information centers and I was grateful that we had each other to keep company in between guests arriving.


I had been able to meet our speaker for the evening on behalf of the American Heart Association, and her story was incredible. She survived a heart transplant and now served as a life-saving resource for other women and people affected by heart disease. It is such an honor being able to hear her talk at our meetings, but being able to witness her move other people with her words is so inspiring. Always use your voice for the greater good!


I will never forget taking a photo with the polo horse that made an appearance. I absolutely do  not mess with horses. They’re huge and I have no shame admitting that they terrify me. But of course, I’m still living my “year without fear”, so I took a picture with him. 1000% NOPE. I said hello, he said “Winnie Neigh Neigh” and then moved a little too quickly for me. Naturally that was one of the photos captured by the event photographers.


After collecting myself again, we had the opportunity to mingle with guests during a fabulous dinner about our upcoming year, our platforms, and the most incredible macaroni and cheese we were all shoveling on our plates. With the fitness competition only a couple weeks away, I opted to only 2 trips to the heaping bowl of cheesy blessings, but made a mental note about the many minutes I would need to spend doing cardio to work off the food I just ate.


Perhaps the coolest part of the evening was the performer who entertained us with wheeling around the guests in a large steel wheel and then lit his shoes on fire and dazzled us as the evening came to an end. It was so nice to see so many people come together to support our fight against heart disease in such a fashionable, unique manner. Anthony has such gorgeous art and was generous to donate the official painting of the Polo Classic to a raffle ticket winner where all the proceeds directly benefitted our chapter of the American Heart Association!


Even if horses aren’t my thing, I would do it one hundred times over just knowing this event helped save lives.


Making the minutes count,


"I was born in Minnesota" by Kelly Brown


I was born in Minnesota. I was raised in Minnesota. I have spent 18 years living the Minnesotan lifestyle, so what could possibly be better than representing a place I call nothing but home? From the blazing hot summers to the icey cold winters, Minnesota has got it all! We are the “hot and you’re cold, you’re yes and you’re no” of the midwestern states. Non-Minnesotans are wrong about us. Not all days are spent out on the frozen lake fishing or shoveling our driveways, many of the days are spent in other everyday activities such as shopping and movies (at least in my case…).

If you like variety, Minnesota is the place to be! I am grateful to to say I’ve been able to experience laying in the warm sand one month, and a short couple months later I am taking my sled back to my childhood park. Speaking of a variety of nice weather, one cannot mention nice weather without mentioning the nice people. This is one of my favorite things about my home state. Everywhere you go, people are smiling! One time I met a man from out of state who said he would get so confused as to why when he was walking down the street here, random people would be smiling at him. He stated “I didn’t even do anything, it kinda weirded me out!” I giggled, of course. Nothing wrong with some “Minnesota-nice” individuals!

The scenery here is at the top of my list as well! Beautiful parks, waterfalls, and places to go on an evening bike ride are always near. Two of my favorite places are Vermillion Falls as well as Minnehaha Falls! I love how you can choose to bike, walk, or run here. My cousins and I would visit these places frequently as a child, so it has left a special love for them in my heart. Overall, Minnesota is one of the best places to go or be. I am honored to represent my home.​

Kelly Brown
Miss Teen Minnesota 2016