Sunday, November 15, 2015

" Highland Friendship Club" By Kate Howe


I was invited to support the Highland Friendship Club at their annual Lanes for Friendship fundraising event.  The mission of the Highland Friendship Club is to serve individuals with disabilities from teens through adulthood by providing a range of opportunities to develop lifelong skills, friendships and connections within their community.  Joe Mauer and the Minnesota Twins have been huge supporters of the local organization.  I actually got to eat lunch with Joe – it was fun talking to him about his twin girls!


The members of the Highland Friendship Club stole my heart.  It was so much fun talking and bowling with them throughout the event.  Many of them have extremely supportive family members that were there to support them and the organization.  Highland Friendship Club provides countless activities and events for these individuals to participate in ranging from Yoga to Girls Night Out to Fitness Classes.  I absolutely loved hearing about how many of the members have become more confident and social after participating in the events Highland Friendship Club provides.  The best part was having two of the members help me bowl, since I am a horrible bowler!


The event was packed with local celebrities including Tim Mahoney.  I couldn’t help but tell him how my eyes watered during his performance at Target Center for the Tribute to Flip Saunders.  I even bowled next to Paul Monitor.  My Joey would have been in heaven with the room of Minnesota Twins and broadcasters.


One thing that never gets old is walking into a venue as Mrs. Minnesota International, not knowing one single person and walking out with new contacts, new friendships and an amazing new experience that leaves me on top of the world.  I am one lucky girl!


Loving Being Your 2015 Mrs. Minnesota International

Kate Howe















Monday, November 2, 2015

" I hit the road" by Lillie Imm

I hit the road and headed to a state with more shoreline than Florida, where the state motto is "Under God the People Rule”, it is the only state and capital in the U.S. that doesn't share any letters, and the home of the world's only Corn Palace, built with 3,500 bushels of ear corn….South Dakota! 

I had such a great time at the South Dakota International Pageant!  I was honored to be included in the pageant by singing The National Anthem. 

 I had a blast meeting sister queens, contestants, the judges, Miss Jessie Brower, Director of the pageant, her staff, and volunteers!  I really appreciate the support and encouragement I received from several of my sister queens and judges.  I really enjoyed hearing about their love of singing, their experiences and some of the exciting places they have performed and projects they are working on.  The International Pageant system is truly a wonderful group of women that I am grateful to be part of.  I would like to encourage my fellow ‘tween’ pageant friends to join this amazing sisterhood!  I am so glad I did! 

Have a wonderful day!

Lillie Imm, Miss Pre-teen Minnesota 2015



Sunday, November 1, 2015

" Having fun with Appearances" by Lillie Imm

I have had so much fun with appearances!  I have been on walks, in parades, volunteering, performing and attending events!  I have especially loved volunteering at the Special Olympics with my sister queen Nicole, The American Heart Association with my sister queen Alexis, the photo shoot with all of my sister queens with Miss Paula Preston,  the Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Memorial Day Service,  Project Bear Hugs with many of my friends and family and more.  I want to tell (and show) you about some of the amazing experiences I have had so far as Miss Pre-teen Minnesota.

The Special Olympics was a blast!  I had so much fun dressing up with the athletes and my sister queen Nicole for outrageous photos with tons of accessories- BIG sunglasses, beads, funny antennae headbands and hats!  I was honored to meet and visit with many of the athletes and learn about their rigorous training all year long and the dedication they have to the games.  Many of these athletes have committed several years to training and competing.  Their dedication and enthusiasm was inspiring!  I would love to volunteer again next year and hope to see some of the amazing people I met again.  Thank you, Special Olympics, for allowing me the privilege of being part of your Special week!

Project Bear Hugs is a foundation through Build-a-Bear Workshop.  My friend, Grace is an Ambassador for Project Bear Hugs and holds events at Build-a- Bear Workshop at the Mall of America twice a year.  My family and I have been supporting Grace’s mission for a few years and every event is a great time!  Build-a-Bear gives the Bear-istas : ) a discount on Teddy Bears and we get to pick out as many bears as we would like to donate.  Then we place a heart in the bear, stuff the bear and send the bear off with lots of love, good wishes and a prayer for the kids that are in need of some comfort.  Grace has sent thousands of bears to children in the USA and around the world including: a Guatemalan orphanage, preschoolers with disabilities, and kids living in disaster-stricken areas.  


Fun times!

Lillie Imm, Miss Pre-teen Minnesota International 2015